audrey. (emorobot) wrote,

it isn't so hard to get close to me.

i found an old paycheck that i never cashed. it's probably only a month old but that is undeniably a fantastic find.
i have been going through all the shit in my room lately. sifting through what i still use, want, and need. making a special pile of things that either aren't mine, or unwanted. it's getting bigger. last night while i was doing this i listened to pavement: slanted and enchanted. i haven't listened to that since i was living in scottsdale. it's odd to hear and hum to those same songs now, when things are different, but not so different the more i think about it.

ps spy sweeper is so very annoying

i made an appointment with my dentist for a cleaning and an appointment with planned parenthood for pills and such. i'm slowly but surely getting all this shit done. i should start applying for jobs in N.C. or at least try to look at some schools. sigh. so much to be done.

so i'm going to disneyland with mom, sarah, scott and dale in mid march. that's going to be fun.
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