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remember that we wanted it.

my records haven't come yet. i was ready to jump my mailman today. but i held back and just stared out the window at him as he inserted bills and magazines into my mailbox. i'm pissed at saddle-creek. well, just a little bit.

last night i haven't hung out with mike, michelle and brian like that in a long time. but all this talk recently of the changes i'm about to endure is exhausting me. i'm sick of talking about it.

tonight i'm doing something different brian and i are going out. not sure where yet, but i'm determined to have good clean fun wasting gas, smoking far too much, and spending money frivolously on things i really don't need. we are both sick of doing the same stuff all the time. and i think we both need a break from the regular crowd. my only worry is that we'll get all bored and emo and wind up wishing we were doing the same dumb shit as usual.
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